Angola: Coffee production rises 20 pct in Kwanza-Norte province in 2008 harvest

15 April 2008

Luanda, Angola, 15 April – Coffee production in the Angolan province of Kwanza-Norte is expected to rise 20 percent to reach 91,000 kilograms in the 2008 harvest, according to projections from Procafé, which controls the production and sale of coffee in Angola.

Around 5,000 tons of coffee have already been acquired from producers in teh first quarter, in the municpality of Cazengo, which along with Ambaca, Bang and Golungo-Alto is one of the main coffee-growing areas.

According to the procafé official for Kwanza-Norte, Domingos Fernandes, Procafé next month will start supporting production of coffee by setting up associations, cooperatives and opening rural markets.

Fernandes said he believed that with the support provided, the sector would re-launch production in Samba Cajú, Kikulungo, Bolongongo and Ngonguembo, which are considered to be the most productive areas of Kwanza-Norte.

Kwanza-Norte province has three husking machines, but only one is currently in operation. (macauhub)