Cape Verde: BADEA delegation signs protocol to fund studies for new airport at Praia

15 April 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 15 April – The Arab Bank for Economic Development of Africa (BADEA) is due to sign a “funding charter” with the Cape Verdean government aimed at carrying out the feasibility studies for the Praia Airport expansion project, officials said.

The agreement is due to be signed by the Director-General of BADEA, Abelaziz Khélef and by Cape Verde’s Minister for Finance and public Administration, Cristina Duarte.

BADEA is set to provide US$400,000 for the studies to expand the airport, work on which is expected to cost 10 million euros.

BADEA has funded several projects in Cape Verde, in various sectors, including agriculture and rural development, transport, water and sanitation, industry, and social and technical assistance.

BADEA´s funding in Cape Verde totals US$78.704 million, to finance 23 projects.

During the four-day BADEA mission the government plans to put forward new funding proposals in the areas of airports, secondary and university education and rural development, amongst others. (macauhub)