Angola: Construction sector to record country’s highest growth rate

18 April 2008

Luanda, Angola, 18 April – The Angolan construction sector will continue to record the highest short-term growth rate due to renovation work on roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and other basic infrastructures, a Portuguese economist has indicated.

Fernando Mira Amaral analyzed the sector during the first seminar for high-ranking managers of public enterprises, held Thursday in the Angolan capital.

“The construction area is recording very high rates, some of the highest in Angola’s entire economic history, due to the large number of projects being implemented in the country’s 18 provinces,” Mira Amaral said.

“The sector will continue to evolve very quickly in coming years, because infrastructures are vital means for production to reach consumption areas and for the movement of people, goods and services throughout Angolan territory,” he explained.

Mira Amaral indicated that commerce was after construction the sector that would grow the most in the next few years, taking into account the free movement of people and goods, as well as the notable demand for hotels.

In 2006 the sectors that most contributed to the “good performance” of Angola’s non-petroleum related segment were commerce, banking, insurance and telecommunications, with 38.1 percent, the transforming industry with 44.7 percent and construction with 30 percent.

The following sectors are considered priorities by the Angolan government: agro-livestock, fisheries, transforming industry, industrial development poles and logistics platform, construction, hospitality and tourism, health, education and social housing.

The government is also placing special emphasis on the sectors involving road infrastructures, railways, ports and airports, energy, water, basic sanitation, telecommunications and large-sized equipment for moving cargo and passengers. (macauhub)