Brazil: Chinese vehicles that may be cheapest in Brazil are target of market research

25 April 2008

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 April – Importing company Effa Motors is testing public acceptance of Chinese cars M100 and ULC in showrooms in Sao Paulo. The cars may become the cheapest on the Brazilian market, the company’s director told macauhub Thursday.

Without sales having been launched, “test cars” manufactured by Changhe (M100) and Hafei (ULC) were distributed to six of the ten showrooms in the capital of the state and sales will depend on a lot of 400 vehicles retained in customs.

“The market research will continue whilst the first lot of vehicles remains in customs. Federal Reserve inspectors have been on strike for over 30 days and we don’t know when they are going back to work,” said José Geraldo Sampaio Moura.

“But the partial result is very good.” Some retailers have already shown na interest in acquiring both the M100 and the Ultra Light Commercial (ULC),” said the director of Effa Motors.

According to Sampaio Moura, the advantage of the Chinese vehicles to corner a niche market is their price.

Initially, he noted, the models would be sold only in the city of Sao Paulo. And then, depending on acceptance, they will begin to be sold in other Brazilian states.

Sampaio Moura also said that the vehicles could also come to be assembled in Manaus, in Brazil, or Montevideo in Uruguay.

The director of Effa Motors also said that the entire product lines of Changhe and Hafei will be presented at the 2008 Car Salon held in October, in Sao Paulo. (macauhub)