China: Macau could be business platform for central region of China

28 April 2008

Macau, China, 28 April – The chief executive of Macau, Edmund Ho, said in Wuhan that Macau could be a business platform between the central region of China and the countries of the European Union and those with Portuguese as an official language, in order to support the sustainable development of the Chinese region.

Ho, who travelled to Wuhan, in Hubei province, to take part in the “Thousand of Investors into Western China” summit, said that “in order to be in line with the development of quality tourism, Macau will not only have to boost its infrastructure, widen its network of relations and carry out promotional campaigns, but also give importance to the introduction and expansion of the cultural component.”

The chief executive noted that Macau, for this reason, was strengthening its legislation on the protection of Cultural Heritage, thus driving the progress of the cultural industry.

Ho also said that Macau’s infrastructures were beginning to have na international impact particulalry in terms of hosting conventions and expositions.

“Macau will be focused on boosting complementary cooperation with adjacent regions, contributing so that in a collective manner the conventions and expositions will become a commercial and regional platform,” said Ho.

He also noted that Macau had been able to make use of its advantages over the last few years, particulalry driving the appropriate diversification of the economy based on trade and tourism.(macauhub)