Mozambique: Mozambican government loses revenues due to illegal mining exports

29 April 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 29 April – Mozambique continues to lose revenues due to illegal mining exports occurring because of a lack of inspection of mining activities, the president of mining fund, Fundo do Fomento Mineiro, Atanasio M’tumuke told Notícias newspaper.

According to M’tumuke the bigegst challenge facing the sector is boosting inspection capabilities, believing that if it was possible to control and prevent the illegal sale of minerals there would be a “big surprise” in relation to the sale of these products.

In an interview with the paper, the president of Fundo Fomento Mineiro, gave no figures about the probable quantities of minerals shipped out of the country, although there have been reports pointing to many precious stones being apprehended that were about to be taken to other countries.

”Controlling illegal activities require sector interaction, which so far is not happening,” the president said noting that no intervention was possible at borders without more inspectors and it was not possible to prevent environmental damage caused by this activity, without specialists in the area.

It is estimated that in Mozambique there are between 60,000 and 100,000 people involved in illegal mining activities, most of which are women and children trying to earn a minimum for their subsistence, although there are no exact figures on the quantities of minerals exported illegally.

Fundo do Fomento Mineiro is an institutions that aims to provide support and financial assistance to actions to boost traditional and small-scale mining. (macauhub)