Guinea Bissau: Angolan company presents bauxite mining project

30 April 2008

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 30 April – Investment mining company Bauxite Angola Tuesday in Bissau presented a bauxite mining and processing project for the Guinean region of Boé, which outlines an investment of US$321 million.

Exploration and production of bauxite, a sedimentary rock used for aluminium production, is scheduled to be launched in 2011, according to information presented by the chairman of Bauxite Angola, Bernardo Campos.

“Bauxite Angola has the financial capacity to carry out all the necessary investments,” for the project, Campos said, adding that construction of the port of Buba was also planned as was improvement of the road linking the Boe region, in the east of the country, to Buba, in the west.

Initially the company will not produce any alumina, but at a second stage there are plans for setting up processing facilities, along with a railway line and small hydroelectric dams, Campos said.

The bauxite mining agreement between Angola and Guinea Bissau, signed in the middle of last year, started being implemented in September of last year. (macauhub)