Mozambique: Swedish group plans to produce ethanol in Mozambique, following Tanzanian project

6 May 2008

Kampala, Uganda, 4 May – Swedish group Sekab (Svensk Etanolkemi AB) has bought land in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, to produce ethanol from sugar cane and plans to expand this activity to Mozambique, newspaper East African Business Week reported in Kampala.

The paper cited the group’s chairman, Per Carstedt as saying that in Tanzania the first factories would start producing ethanol from the sugar cane grown on the 400,000 hectare plot in 2011.

Tanzania and Mozambique have a combined area of around four times the total size of Sweden and most of the revenues the countries generate from exports are used in importing fuel.

The Tanzanian government has the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and the Swedish Energy Agency has set up a special organism, the “National Biofuels Task Force” to deal with all issues related to the biofuel industry.

The Sekab group is one of the main European producers of ethanol and was founded in 1985. (macauhub)