Cape Verde: Government orders electronic procurement centre

7 May 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 7 May – The electronic procurement system that the Cape Verde government decided to create in order to improve the efficiency and transparency of the Public Administration systems and processes is expected to be ready within six months, according to Cape Verdean weekly newspaper, Semana.

This project, which is due to begin this month, is expected to take six months and will be essentially carried out in Cape Verde by a team set up by Portuguese technology company Timestamp and by the Operating Nucleus of the Information Society (NOSI), a local body that is directly responsible to the Cape Verdean prime minister’s Office.

Pedro Barros Ferreira, chief executive of Timestamp, told Semana that currently there, “is no integrated tool to support procurement procedures,” and also noted that the vast majority of procedures were dealt with manually, and when there is IT support this is isolated and not integrated, which leads to limitations.

Ferreira noted that one of the fundamental requirements was transfer of know how to local structures, as it is essential that the local team has the necessary technical knowledge to work entirely autonomously in the future. (macauhub)