Angola: Black granite quarrying increases in Huíla province

9 May 2008

Luanda, Angola, 9 May – Quarrying of black granite in Mozambique’s Huíla province rose to 40,000 cubic metres last year, the provincial director for Energy and Water, Abel João da Costa told a local rádio station.

Without giving specific details, Costa said that the increase would brings fiscal benefits to the state from revenues and would have a positive effect on the province’s balance of trade.

“In previous years when we had annual production of 5,000 cubic metres this was satisfactory for operators and the government but these days that amount is the target for some of the companies alone, and overall we have between 30,000 and 40,000 cubic metres,” he said.

The lack of support of some quarrying companies for the local communities, who complained of this fact, as under the terms of the law the companies are obliged to provide support such as construction of social facilities, and Costa said that improvements had been seen in this respect.

Over the last few years, Huíla has been transformed into a powerhouse for black granite production. (macauhub)