Macau: Around 10 million tourists visit Macau between January and April

22 May 2008

Macau, China, 22 May – Macau received 9.99 million visitors in the first four months of 2008, which was a rise of 16.3 percent against the same period of 2007, the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau said Wednesday in Macau.

The number of visitors from mainland China rose 24.4 percent to 5.87 million, the number from Southeast Asia rose 58.4 percent and visitors from Hong Kong fell 2.8 percent.

People entering Macau by land totalled 6.29 million in the first four months of the year, which is a rise of 20.9 percent on the year-ago period and 2.82 million visitors travelled by sea, which was a 3.5 percent rise.

In April alone, the number of visitors arriving in Macau totalled 2.49 million, which was a rise of 11.8 percent as compared to the same month of 2007.

Visitors arriving in Macau were mainly from mainland China (59.6 percent of the total), followed by those from Hong Kong (24.9 percent) and Southeast Asia (5.7 percent). (macauhub)