Macau: Border between Macau and mainland China to expand to receive 500,000 people per day as of 2010

26 May 2008

Macau, China, 26 May – The expansion of the “Portas do Cerco” border post between Macau and Gongbei, in Zhuhai, mainland China, which will be finished by the end of 2009, will make it possible to deal with up to 500,000 people per day, officials said.

Currently, the border post can process up to 300,000 people per day.

The area of the border post will increase from 17,880 square metres to 23,120 square metres following expansion work by CCECC (Macau) Companhia de Construção e Engenharia Civil China, costing 171 million patacas (around US$22 million).

The new facilities will incraese the number of attendance booths from 52 to 98 and increase automatic points for Macau residents five-fold.

The improvements carried out in the tourist area will, however, lead to a reduction of the area for vehicle traffic, which is expected to decrease from 24,000 vehicles per day to 21,600.

Macau, which has a population of 543,000 people, is located in southern China, in the Pearl River Delta some 60 kilometres from Hong Kong and 80 kilometres from Guangzhou, and has an area of around 29 square kilometres.

As a tourist destination Macau received 27 million people in 2007 and visitors from Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan accounted for the vast majority of those. (macauhub)