Brazil: Brazil-China trade rises 44.7 pct in first four months of 2008

28 May 2008

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 28 May – Brazil’s trade with mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong rose 44.7 percent year on year in the first four months of 2008, to US$9.8 billion, according to figures from Brazil’s Development, Industry and Foreign Trade Ministry.

Mainland China was responsible for 92 percent of the total (US$8.9 billion) of trade with Brazil, whilst Macau and Hong together accounted for US$806 million.

In the firs four months of 2008 Brazil exported US$3.9 billion to the Chinese market and the two special administrative regions of China and imported US$5.8 billion, according to ministry figures.

The balance of trade in the first four months of 2008 was a surplus of US$1.8 billion for China, which was practically the surplus for 2007.
As well as Chinese exports to Brazil exceeding imports in value, they are also more diverse.

Both in 2007 and in the first months of this year, soy and iron ore accounted for over half of (around 58 percent) of Brazilian exports to the Chinese market.

From January to April, exports of soy and iron ore to China totalled US$2.3 billion, a rise of 23.5 percent against the same period of 2007.

the two products that head the list of Chinese exports to Brazil – telephony equipment parts and liquid crystal displays (LCDs) – accounted for just 9 percent of the total in the first four months of the year (US$566 million), which is a rise of 60 percent on the same period of 2007. (macauhub)