Cape Verde: Cape Verde exports basalt and gravel to the Gambia and imports sand

29 May 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 29 May – A ship from Central de Britagem loaded up with 12,000 tonnes of basalt and gravel headed for the Gambia is due to leave the port of Praia this week, according to news website A Semana online.

Pedro Borges, director general of Central de Britagem, said that this was the first shipment of basalt and gravel to the Gambia, as part of an agreement signed in April 2006 between the governments of Cape Verde and the Gambia.

On its return from the Gambia, the Central de Britagem ship will carry sand to Cape Verde, which will reduce the price of this commodity on the Cape Verdean market.

Borges also said that this deal, “will have an important effect on the country’s economy, as Cape Verde is mainly an importer and has a chronic problem with its balance of payments.”

At the time the deal was signed with the Gambia, the Economy Minister, José Brito said that the country was able to export basalt and gravel without running the risk of ecological damage to its ecosystem, as the islands are of volcanic origin and these types of rock are found there in abundance. (macauhub)