Brazil: Sao Paulo Commercial Association to open Office in Macau to act in mainland China

2 June 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 2 June – The Commercial Association of Sao Paulo (ACSP) plan to open a representative Office in Macau to support small and medium-sized Brazilian companies that want to work in the People’s Republic of China.

Sidnei Docal, chief executive of the ACSP told Macau newspaper Tribuna that the representation would be locate din the Macau Business Support Centre of the Macau Institute for Promotion of Trade and Investment (IPIM).

“Sales from Brazil to China are focused on some big companies. However when we talk about small and medium-sized companies the scenario is quite different and trade is weak,” said Docal in Cape Verde during the 4th Meeting of Businesspeople for Economic and Trade Cooperation Between China and the Portuguese-speaking Nations held between 28 and 30 May in Praia.

The chief executive of the Brazilian institution also said that the future structure of the ACSP in Macau was for it to serve as an initial contact by organising contacts and business visits to mainland China by businesspeople from small and medium-sized companies.

Docal said that creating the subsidiary was based on the fact that Portuguese was spoken in Macau and Beijing’s decision to make Macau a bridge for business between Chinese and Portuguese-speaking businesspeople.

He also noted that a delegation of Macau businesspeople would travel to Brazil in July, organised by IPIM.

Docal also said that contacts were being made between the ACSP and the Brazilian autrhorities so that the next Meeting of Businesspeople for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking Nations to be held in Brazil.

This year’s meeting took place in Praia and the Cape Verde authorities called for Cape Verde to become an intermediary in the link between Portuguese-speaking countries and China, “making use of its geo-strategic position.”

The fourth meeting of businesspeople for economic and trade cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries brought together 300 businesspeople and representatives from promotional institutes.

The meetings between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, which have previously been held in Luanda, Lisbon and Maputo, are a consequence of a protocol signed in Macau in October 2003 by promotional organisations from the various countries.

Between 2003 and 2006, trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries more than tripled to a total of US$34 billion at the end of 2006, a rise that, at the time corresponded to 46.9 percent compared to 2005

Figures drawn up in 2007 also indicate that trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries is set to exceed in 2008 the goal of US$50 billion outlined for 2009.

The People’s Republic of China decided to create in 2003, and based in Macau, the Forum for Economic and Commercial Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking world, with the aim of promoting trade relations with Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe and East Timor. (macauhub)