Mozambique: Mozambique loses 219,000 hectares of forest per year

4 June 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 4 June – Mozambique loses around 219,000 hectares of forest each year due to illegal use of forestry resources, itinerant farming and burning off, according to the latest forst inventory ordered by the government.

Notícias newspaper reported that there are several initiatives being developed to reduce the trend for deforestation, one of which is underway in three communities of the Cheringoma district, in Sofala province, where the local government, supported by some environmental organisations, provides land to families for planting trees, including fruit trees.

As a reward each household receives 3,500 meticais for every 50 trees they keep alive, which, as well as encouraging trees to be planted, leads families to be involved in combating burning off, recognising that this can destroy plants and thus reduce the reward received.

In another example of conservation, the district authorities of Cheringoma, in coordination with its partners, have introduce a beekeeping project, under the terms of which they provide equipment to rural workers from several communities, who are also involved in combating forest fires in order to protect their hives. (macauhub)