Mozambique: Mozambican government focuses on aquaculture to replace imports

11 June 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 11 June – Mozambique imports 54,000 tonnes of fish each year and it is thus necessary to increase aquaculture production capacity, government spokesman Luís Covane said Tuesday in Maputo.

Cited by newspaper Notícias, Covane said that the Council of Ministers had decided to create the National Institute for Development of Aquaculture (Inaqua) which will be responsible for promotion, extension, management and administration of aquaculture.

Covane said that Mozambique had around 258,000 hectares for development of aquaculture in the interior, and 33,000 next to the sea, use of which has so far not reached 10 percent, as well as having 2,700 kilometres of coastline.

With these factors considered together, according to Covane, the Council of Ministers thought it unacceptable that Mozambique continued to import fish in such quantities, and thus a more ambitious attitude was needed for this deficit to be reduced, considering that there would always be some amount of imports. (macauhub)