Sao Tome and Principe: STP Airways re-launches flights to Europe

24 June 2008

Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe, 24 June – The air carrier for Sao Tome and Principe, STP Airways, within 90 days is due to re-launch flights to Europe via Portugal, after 11 months on the ground due to a lack of aircraft, the company’s chairman, Felisberto Neto said Monday.

In July 2007 STP Airways suspended its two weekly flights to Lisbon, Portugal as a consequence of the Angolan airline Taag being banned from flying in European airspace, as Taag ran the routes for the Sao Tome national airline.

Speaking to journalists, the chairman of STP Airways said that flights would begin again following a new agreement signed Monday with Portuguese company Euro-Atlantic, an Angolan private bank, Banco Equador, with headquarters in Sao Tome and a private company, GIAS, which has management of a hotel on the archipelago.

Neto noted that operations would begin 90 days from the date the agreement was signed.

STP-Airways has capital of around US$2 million and is now managed by Euro-Atlantic, which owns 37 percent of its shares whilst the Sao Tome state has 35 percent and the other two shareholders, Banco Equador and GIAS have 14 percent.

STP Airways, which replaced Air Sao Tome, which had a partnership with Portugal’s TAP, has no aircraft of its own and began operating in February 2007 using a TAAG Boeing 737-700.

With the re-launch of direct flights between São Tome and Príncipe and Portugal using Euro-Atlantic’s aircraft, STP-Airways will break the monopoly that TAP-Air Portugal still has on the route to the archipelago. (macauhub)