Mozambique: Fishing production in Mozambique below projections in 2007

30 June 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 30 June – The Mozambican fishing sector had production of 907 tonnes in 2007, or 30 percent less than initially expected, according to a report in newspaper Notícias.

The paper said that the sector had planned production of around 1,3000 tonnes, of which 1,200 would be sea shrimp, 30 tonnes of seaweed and 70 tonnes of freshwater fish.

In comparison with 2006, production fell 15 percent, due, according to Fisheries Minister, Cadmiel Muthemba, the reduction of sea shrimp production, which totalled 693 tonnes, or just 58 percent of projected production.

Figures showed that the closure of one of the three most important aquaculture units and difficulties in accessing the international market were the reasons for the fall in production.

Seaweed production totalled 69 tonnes, as compared to 15 tonnes the previous year.

In terms of the monetary value of the production, the sub-sector earned some US$6 million, or a 8 percent year on year fall. (macauhub)