Mozambique: Mozambican government needs US$18 million to combat erosion in Maputo

1 July 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 1 July – The Mozambican government has announced it needs US$18 million to resolve the problem of erosion in the coastal area of Maputo, newspaper Notícias reported.

The minister for Coordination of Environmental Action, Alcinda Abreu, said that the World Bank would take part in some studies that are underway to solve the coastal erosion problem that threatens the area.

As part of the National Plan to Combat Erosion the Mozambican government plans to develop environmental infrastructures, namely planting trees, placing sand bags to slow down erosion, walls, breakwaters and reforestation.

Minister Alcinda Abreu noted that the situation of coastal erosion in Mozambique is “a serious problem” and said that the most serious cases were the Costa do Sol beach in Maputo, the city of Beira, and Madal in Zambézia province.

The Arab Bank for Economic Development of Africa (BADEA) has said it may provide funding for the reconstruction of the coastal protection barrier of Maputo, along a 13 kilometre stretch.

The possibility of the work, estimated to cost US$18 million, being funded by BADEA, was announced by its director-general, Abdelaziz Khelef, on a working visit to Mozambique.