Mozambique: Maputo government wants plan for use of natural gas in road transport

8 July 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 8 July – The Mozambican government wants to adopt a plan for use of natural gas in road transport, in order to reduce increasingly expensive oil imports, the country’s environment minister Alcinda Abreu said Monday in Maputo.

Speaking at a seminar on the issue, which began Monday in Maputo, Abreu noted that Mozambique had natural gas reserves of around 3.6 billion cubic feet, in the Temane and Pande reserves, Inhambane province in the south of the country.

As well as reducing the negative effect of high oil prices, using natural gas also has advantages for the environment and human health, the minister noted.

Speaking at the same event, Taibo Issufo, national deputy director for Road Transport of the Ministry for Transport and Communication, said that the country had the support of the Italian Ministry for Economic Development and Italian companies in its strategy of increasing use of natural gas for road transport.

In 2007, the first four natural gas powered buses went into operation in Mozambique, all of them owned by Transportes Públicos de Maputo (TPM), but one of them went up in flames during a cleaning operation when the engine was not switched off.

TPM has said it is satisfied with the results of the experiement, as use of natural gás is less expensive than traditional fuel. (macauhub)