Mozambique: Cargo transport by train increases in January to May period

9 July 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 9 July – The three railway lines (South, Central and Northern) that make up the Mozambican rail system transported over 1.65 million tonnes of miscellaneous cargo between January and May of this year, a year on year rise of 9.2 percent, newspaper Notícias reported.

Of the total cargo, 1.477 million tonnes were transported on teh Ressano Garcia, Goba and Limpopo lines, the three lines still under dorect management of state company Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique (Cfm).

According to a Cfm report whilst cargo transported internally saw a rise of 97,800 tonnes, international traffic fell by 42,400 tonnes due to the economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

Along the Ressano Garcia line 1.063 million tonnes of cargo were transported, of which 34,000 were transported domestically and 1.029 internationally, figures which point to an overall rise on this line of an extra 217,900 tonnes.

According to the Cfm’s report, the Goba line saw an overall rise in activity of some 53.5 percent, with rises in volume of coal, chromium, container cargo transported to an from Swaziland, the country with which Mozambique is linked via this train line.

In terms of the Machipanda and Northern lines, both managed by concession-holders, the report said that there had been an overall fall in activity of 43.7 percent. (macauhub)