Mozambique: An extra 52,000 tons of sugar to be produced this year

23 July 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 23 July – Mozambique will produce 295,000 metric tons of sugar this year, 21 percent more than in 2007 when national production was 243,000 tons, a source in the Association of Mozambican Sugar Producers (APAM) told macauhub.

Around 165,000 tons of sugars is earmarked for domestic consumption and the remainder for export. The APAM source said the sector plans to invest around US$ 6 million in sugar cane production.

Mozambican sugar exports go to preferential markets (the EU and US) and have a significant favorable impact on the country’s balance of payments. In 1972, Mozambique was the world’s fourth-largest sugar exporter after Mauritius, South Africa and Egypt.

Maputo wants to attract investments to boost annual national production to 500,000 tons over the coming years, said the APAM source.

After being almost totally depleted during Mozambique’s civil war, the country’s sugar sector is resurgent and more than US$ 500 million has been invested in the industry, much of this by South African firms. (macauhub)