Macau: Direct links between Mainland China and Taiwan create opportunities

24 July 2008

Macau, China, 24 July – Direct links between Manland China and Taiwan will create economic opportunities for Macau though the diversification of the enclave’s economy, Finance and Economy Secretary Francis Tam said Wednesday.

Tam said the Macau government has paid particular attention to the question of direct postal services, trade and transport across the Taiwan Strait and undertaken studies on possible impacts on Macau’s economy.

Macau’s air transport sector, both passengers and cargo, will have more competition and the industry will become more competitive as it seeks wider markets, noted Tam.

Macau’s finance secretary said that the territory’s aviation sector carried out studies several years ago on the possible impact of direct Mainland China-Taiwan flights, “diversifying air routes to lessen the percentage of passengers only using Macau as a transfer point.”

Most passengers using Macau’s airport are flying between Taiwan and Mainland China. Macau’s national carrier, Air Macau, mainly flies to Taiwan. Tam said Macau aims to attract more visitors to the territory from Southeast and Northeast Asia and seek more markets for air cargo.

“In the last few years, numbers of passengers from Southeast Asia has increased, representing 30 percent of total passengers, while the numbers of passengers from Macau has dropped by 40 percent,” said Tam.

Since 4 July, Taiwanese airlines have operated a total 36 flights in both directions to Mainland China. (macauhub)