Mozambique: Silting of Beira port reduces shipping traffic

11 August 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 11 Aug – Entry of ships to the Port of Beira continues to be restricted by heavy silting of the main channels and some operators are exploring the use of alternative harbors, the chairman of the Mozambican Dredging Company has said.

Tayob Adamo told the Noticias newspaper that the expected arrival of two ocean dredgers at the end of 2010 will alleviate the current problems faced by Beira’s port, which has not been properly dredged since being modernized at the end of the 1990s.

Consequently, around the 2.5 million tons of silt produced annually in the port has accumulated. Only vessels under 15,000 tons can use the port’s main access channels, originally designed to receive ships of up to 30,000 tons.

The Port of Beira is strategically located to link national and international markets in the Middle East, Mediterranean Europe and Northern Europe, as well as South America.

Experts say the port’s tendency to silt up is caused by its location in relation to the estuaries of the Pungue and Buzi rivers. (macauhub)