Brazil: Businessmen want quicker Angola visas and more flights

13 August 2008

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 14 Aug – Brazilian entrepreneurs visiting Angola want quicker visa issue by the Angolan authorities and also more direct flight between the two countries, a business representative said Tuesday.

Arnaldo Santos of the Association of Brazilian Entrepreneurs in Angola (AEBRAN) said: “Granting of a work visa runs into a bureaucracy and sluggishness that considerably thwart the life of businessmen.”

Santos, briefing on an upcoming Brazilian business mission to Angola in October, urged the Luanda authorities to grant “free transit” and abolish tourist visas for entrepreneurs.

Official Brazilian figures show that around 7,000 Brazilians, some 200 of them resident, are living in Brazil on work visas, which take between six and nine months to issue.

The small number of nonstop flights between Brazil and Angola also poses “a big problem” in the strengthening of bilateral commercial ties, added Santos.

Angolan national carrier TAAG operates three flights per week between Rio de Janeiro and Luanda. AEBRAN wants a fourth flight, operated by a Brazilian carrier, to bolster two-way economic exchanges.

The launch of the Brazilian business mission to Angola, taking place from 7-10 October, gathered around 200 businessmen in a Sao Paulo hotel.

The mission is supported by the Brazilian Agency for Exports Promotion (APEX), which describes Angola as a “priority market” for the globalization of Brazilian brands.

Trade between Angola and Brazil increased by around 500 percent between 2004 and 2007, reaching a value of US$ 2 billion last year. Of this total, Brazil imported US$ 945 million from Angola and exported goods worth US$ 1.2 billion, mainly vehicle bodies and tractors.

AEBRAN was created in 2003 and represents about 60 Brazilian executives and 30 companies doing business in Angola. (macauhub)