Angola: Lighting allows Port of Lobito to boost handling capacity

15 August 2008

Lobito, Angola, 15 Aug – A new lighting system at Angola’s Port of Lobito means more freight can be handled due to 24-hour operation, the dock’s CEO, José Carlos Gomes, has said.

Cited by state news agency Angop, Gomes said investments in illumination and purchase of freight handling equipment are having the desired effect of developing the economy more quickly.

In the current financial year, Lobito handled more than 1.5 million metric tons of cargo, a goal not achieved since Angola’s independence in 1975. Port authorities expect to increase the record freight levels of 2007 and this target looks like being achieved due to significant amounts of construction material being brought through Lobito for the rebuilding of the Benguela railroad.

Currently, port management is concentrating on projects to repave tarmac areas of the harbor, build a dry dock and replace a railroad to permit loading of goods from trains. These ventures will make freight handling more flexible, ensure preservation of recently acquired machinery and also avoid bottlenecks in freight processing.

The Southern Atlantic Port of Lobito was originally built in 1928 to export minerals from the Congo transported via the Benguela railroad. (macauhub)