Angola: SA shipping firm opens Luanda office

15 August 2008

Cape Town, South Africa, 15 Aug – Sturrock Shipping has announced it is opening an office in Luanda to be the first South African operator in the sector to be present in Angola.

Managing director Andrew Sturrock said the decision to expand the company to West Africa was taken due to Angola’s high potential for economic growth and because the firm has also been “well successful” in other ventures in southern Africa.

“We decided some years ago to expand our operations to English-speaking countries in southern Africa and later to Mozambique and Madagascar, and as we were successful we will now do business in Angola, and, in due course, exploit opportunities in this region,” said Sturrock.

Sturrock noted that despite the proximity with South Africa and the existence of some South African firms operating in Angola, most of Angola’s trade is with Europe and other continents.

Founded in 1969, Sturrock Shipping is one of the biggest shipping and logistics services companies in southern Africa, having offices in all major South African ports as well as Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya and Tanzania. (macauhub)