Brazil: Brazil has just 30 companies operating in the Chinese market

18 August 2008

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 18 Aug – Brazil has just 30 companies with some involvement in the Chinese market, whilst companies from the USA, for example, number 7,000, according to the executive secretary of the Brazil-China Business Council, Rodrigo Maciel.

According to news agency Brasil, Maciel said that there was still a significant lack of knowledge about China in Brazil, in some cases this was even a lack of interest and he added that the internationalisation process was still recent in Brazil and had only reached a small number of companies.

According to Maciel, there are some great partnerships between Chinese and Brazilian companies.

“In some sectors identified as having a big market in China, perhaps it is interesting to have joint investments. This type of partnership may be important to increase production capacity and for Brazil to become a strategic supplier of this product for China,” he said.

Agri-business, a sector which has leveraged the Brazilian economy, could benefit from these partnerships by becoming an exporter of processed foods.

“Those opportunities exist not only in trade, but also in investments. Companies have to place themselves strategically in order to take advantage of them,” the executive secretary of the bilateral council noted. (macauhub)«