Mozambique: Biofuel projects will not affect food production in Mozambique

19 August 2008

Beira, Mozambique, 19 Aug – Mozambique’s Agriculture Minister, Soares Nhaca, reaffirmed Friday in Beira that his government would only approve biofuel projects if they did not conflict with food production.

Cited by newspaper Diário de Moçambique, the minister, who Friday took part in a seminar on biofuels, said that the government was focusing its efforts on carrying out feasibility studies for biofuel production based on some plants, but said that food production would not be sacrificed.

“Any project for biofuel production that may be approved in Mozambique will not ever affect food production,” the minister said, adding that some products such as maize would not be approved for biofuel production.

The two biggest biofuel projects already approved in Mozambique – in the provinces of Manica and Gaza – use sugar cane for ethanol production. (macauhub)