Cape Verde: Portugal is main trade partner in 2007

21 August 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 21 Aug – In 2007 Portugal was the main trading partner of Cape Verde, having been the destination of 58.3 percent of all Cape Verdean exports and the origin of 45 percent of the archipelago’s imports, according to the Portugal-Cape Verde Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

According to a statement on the Chamber’s website, after Portugal the archipelago’s next biggest partners were the Netherlands and France.

In 2007, Cape Verde’s imports rose 26.6 percent year on year and exports fell by 15 percent. The country’s trade deficit increased by 28.1 percent in the period.

Cape Verde’s amin exports are Sea products (fish, crustaceans and molluscs, accounting for 35.6 percent of the total), a category which posted a significant fall, followed by Clothing and Related Products (34.7 percent), which saw string growth, Footwear and Related Products (24 percent), with a slight fall, and Alcoholic Beverages (3.4 percent).

Europe imported 79 percent of all Cape Verde’s exports, which was more than in 2006 when it imported 75 percent, with Portugal the destination of 58 percent of all products (44 percent in 2006).

The main products imported by Cape Verde in 2007 were aircraft, with the acquisition of new airplanes by domestic airlines, fuel, machines and construction materials, food and drink, machines and transport accessories, which together accounted for over half of total imports. (macauhub)