Angola: Ganjelas dam reservoir, in Huila province, starts being filled in October

27 August 2008

Chibia, Angola, 27 Aug – Reconstruction work on the Ganjelas dam, in Angola’s Huíla province, is almost finished and the closure of its flood gates is expected to take place in a month’s time, thus allowing the dam’s reservoir to be filled, Angolan news agency Angop reported.

The reconstruction work, expected to cost US$28 million and funded by a loan from China, and which began last November, is expected to be concluded in mid September.

According to the provincial director for Agriculture, Lutero Campos, at the moment final work is underway, such as assembling the flood gates, building a work site and an irrigation system.

He said that, in the project especially built for agricultural purposes, the process of cleaning arable land was underway, as was the installation of irrigation systems in the 360 hectares of the pilot area.

With an initial irrigation capacity of 2,271 hectares and a reservoir capable of holding 3 million cubic metres of water, the dam’s irrigated perimeter will make it possible to produce 48,150 tonnes of various agricultural products. (macauhub)