Mozambique: Indian consortium surveys for iron in Nampula province

28 August 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 28 Aug – Na Indian consortium is carrying out prospecting and survey work to assess the potential of an iron reserve discovered in the Meti administrative post, Laláua district, in Mozambique’s Nampula province, according to Mozambican newspaper Notícias.

The paper added that the Damodar-Ferro consortium had said it had indications based on preliminary studies, of the existence of iron reserves that could be mined for a few decades.

Last Saturday the consortium started opening up an access road to link the Meti administrative post to the Iapala administrative post, in the neighbouring district of Ribáué, in the Nacala railroad corridor. This move aims to make it easier to transport the iron from Iapala to the port of Nacala and from there on to different international markets interested in the product.

Araújo Momade, the administrator of Laláua, said that the road, which will be around 75 kilometres long, crosses the Laláua river, which requires a concrete bridge to be built that can support the weight of vehicles transporting the iron ore to Iapala.

He added that information about iron at Meti began to become more solid at the end of 2002, when another consortium decided to carry out prospecting and surveys to confirm the existence of iron ore in the area.

At teh time the mining project itself did not go ahead due to a stalemate in negotiations for opening up an alternative road to transport production to the Nioce region, in the neighbouring district of Malema, where the Nacala railroad passes, as this required a substantial investment, which the consortium believed should be shared by the government. (macauhub)