Angola: Angolan fishermen receive 150 vessels funded by China and Spain

29 August 2008

Luanda, Angola, 29 Aug – One hundred and fifty fishing vessels were delivered Wednesday in Luanda to fishermen and shipping companies from the provinces of Luanda, Cabinda, Zaire, Benguela Bengo and Kwanza Sul, in order to increase the amount of fish available to the population.

According to Angolan news agency Angop, the fishing vessels, which include three semi-industrial ships, are part of a set of 440 vessels included in a funding package from China and Spain.

At the hand over of the vessels, Angola’s Fisheries Minister, Salomão Xirimbimbi, said that this packages was part of a 10 year programme with an average yearly delivery of 600 vessels per year, funded by China with US$250 million, and Spain with 81 million euros.

“The process also includes delivery of 21 semi-industrial vessels, of which 18 have already been delivered, with only three remaining according to the importance of each province, based on teh type of fishing carried out in the provinces,” said Xirimbimbi.

The programme, which includes funding for vessels, infrastructures and training, also includes building, in China and Spain, of shrimp fishing, semi-industrial, industrial, fish transport and other vessels to support fishing activities.

The fisheries ministry has also ordered construction of 12 inspection ships, some of which have a large capacity, for surveillance of the Angolan coast.

For 2009, the Ministry has scheduled construction of integrated traditional fishing support centres across the country (already under construction in Namibe, Luanda, Benguela, Kwanza Sul and Zaire provinces), a Cefopescas school, across all provinces and a fishing institute in Namibe. (macauhub)