East Timor: Embrapa mission in Dili to define priority projects

11 September 2008

Dili, East Timor, 11 Sept – Uma mission from teh Brazilain Company for Agri-farming Research (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária -Embrapa) is currently in Dili to define projects to be carried out in East Timor, with a view to achieving better results in cooperation with Portuguese-speaking countries.

Elísio Contini, of Embrapa’s International Relations department, told Portuguese news agency Lusa that the mission would discuss priority action with the Timorese government and would return to Brazil on 17 September with the projects already defined.

“East Timor needs everything, particularly in the agricultural sector. And we have the greatest interest in helping this Portuguese-speaking country,” he said.

Contini admitted that the cooperation process was slower when dealing with poorer countries.

“With Angola we have had more progress and are now working on setting up an Embrapa in that Portuguese-speaking African country, as well as doing experiments to test varieties with the aim of increasing Angolan productivity,” he said.

A proposal is also being sent to the Angolan government for the creation of four research centres: Maize and beans, cassava, sweet potato and peanuts, goats and sheep and dairy cattle. (macauhub)