Mozambique: Government wants to attract investment to the packaging sector

19 September 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 19 Sept – The government of Mozambique is encouraging companies from the packaging sector to set up in the country, the national director for industry, Sérgio Macamo said, cited by Maputo newspaper Notícias.

Macamo said that the government was providing a set of incentives to companies that appear in the packaging sector and that those incentives were essentially related to importing equipment and raw materials for packaging production.

“The packaging sector is a priority because it affects the quality of products. Improving the presentation of a product can result in a 30 percent increase in sales. A product that is packaged or presenetd better sells more than a product, even if it is a good one, that is badly packaged,” he said.

The issue of packaging is one of the priorities established by the strategy for industry development, approved in August 2007 by the Council of Ministers.

According to Macamo, the government, through the Ministry for Trade and Industry, is working with the International Trade Center (ITC) of Geneva, Switzerland, on a project to survey the institutions linked to the packaging sector that exist in Mozambique.

This work has already led to a study that conluded there was a need to set up a centre for testing packaging. This new institution should design and develop packages, in order to present products in an appropriate way. (macauhub)