Cape Verde: Cape Verde signs agreement with China to fund e-governance

22 September 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 22 Sept – The Cape Verdean government has signed a funding agreement with China’s Eximbank for the first phase of the e-governance project for the archipelago, worth US$17 million, the Economy Ministry said in Praia Friday.

The agreement was signed in China, as part of a visit by the Cape Verdean secretary of state for the economy.

Humberto Brito visited China and Macau and also took part in a seminar on the role of the territory as a platform for economic and trade relations between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries.

As part of the visit, businessmen from the energy sector showed interest in investing in the archipelago, and a team of engineers is expected to travel to Cape Verde next week for meetings with Cape Verdean technicians.

The government also planned, according to the ministry to boost cooperation relations with the China National Fisheries Corporation, a company which currently repairs the fishing fleet at the Cabnave shipyard, on S. Vicente Island. (macauhub)