Angola: Port of Luanda to exceed capacity in 2015

29 September 2008

Porto, Portugal, 29 Sept – The chairman of the port of Luanda said Friday that the facility would exceed its capacity in 2015, the year in which the new port is expected to be in operation, some 30 kilometres north of the Angolan capital.

Speaking in Matosinhos during the First Meeting of Ports of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP), Sílvio Barros Vinhas said that despite the 2006/2020 strategic plan for the current port of Luanda outlining investment of US$105 million for its expansion, in 2015 the facility would be “completely saturated.”

According to Vinhas, the current average waiting time for a ship to dock at the Port of Luanda is 15 days, and situations like the one that had happened a few days ago, when 22 ships were waiting to come into the port, happened frequently.

Of the US$105 million to be invested by 2010 on improving the facility, Vinhas said that US$21 million had already been applied and noted that construction of a 300-metre container terminal with a capacity for 4,000 containers had been outlined.

According to the chairman of the Port of Luanda, in 2007 6 million tonnes of cargo were processed in 2007, or 10 percent more than in 2006, but the facility had not been able to keep up with the growth of the Angolan economy, which has grown some 17 percent per year.

The new port of Luanda, to be built in Dande bay, will have a higher capacity than the current port, with 32 mooring points, as compared to a current 15, and greater depth. (macauhub)