Angola: New vessels in Cabinda lead to wider availability of fish

30 September 2008

Cabinda, Angola, 30 Sept – The 20 medium-sized fishing vessels delivered by the central government to traditional fishing cooperative are contributing to wider availability of fish in Angola’s Cabinda province, a provincial official said Monday.

Aléctor Araújo, Cabinda’s provincial director for Agriculture and Rural Development, Fishing and the Environment, told Angolan news agency Angop that in 2007 levels of fishing were insignificant because fishermen had a very limited area of action due to a lack of available facilities.

Due to oil exploration along Cabinda’s coast, local fishermen are forced to work far off the coast, which was very difficult due to the limited capacity of their fishing vessels.

In order to overcome this situation, the government acquired and distributed the new medium-sized vessels that now make it possible for fishermen to travel beyond the oil exploration, thus contributing to increased amounts of fish caught, Araújo said.

Traditional fishermen also received 17 canoes from the government, 25 out-board motors and 12 central motors, as well as a considerable number of nets.

The government programme also covered in-land fishing by giving canoes and nets to traditional fishermen who fish in rivers and lagoons in Cabinda’s interior.

With the rise in the amount of fish caught the demand for ice to freeze the fish has increase, which led the provincial government to focus on building an ice factory in the city of Cabinda and another in the town of Lândana, the municipal capital of Cacongo. (macauhub)