Cape Verde: Government closes fish preserving and storage company and plans to create fishing support facility

3 October 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 3 Oct The government of Cape Verde plans to liquidate fish preservation and storage company, Interbase and pay compensation to its 47 employees, after a fire last month destroyed the main refrigerated warehouses on the island of S. Vicente.

The move was announced by the minister for the Environment, Rural Development and Marine Resources, José Maria Veiga, who said that the resolution that approved this decision was expected to go to the Council of Ministers in the next few weeks.

Veiga said that the land on which Interbase was located, in Mindelo, would be used for the future investment project.

The Cape Verdean government had said that Interbase would be recovered after the fire on 9 September, when it said it has 14 million euros available for the job.

With the cash available for immediate investment, according to the prime minister, a new facility will soon be built that will be different to Interbase, which will be a “platform for support to international fishing in Cape Verde, with headquarters in Sao Vicente, but which should serve all the islands.”

The idea, according to Veiga, is to build an entirely new building with better conditions and equipment to support not only Cape Verdean fishermen, but also foreign vessels fishing in Cape Verde.

Negotiations for the new facility are also underway and the tender will be launched in November.

Following the fire, at least 30 retail food outlets in Mindelo lost around 300 tonnes of frozen foods and other fresh items and vegetables that were stored in Interbase’s refrigeration units. (macauhub)