Angola: Gypsum industry launches with production in Sumbe

28 October 2008

Luanda, Angola, 28 Oct – The first gypsum facility in Angola, located in the city of Sumbe, Kwanza Sul province, has been launched in its experimental stage, to produce some 6,000 tonnes of gypsite a month for the cement and gypsum industry for construction.

Angolan newspaper Jornal de Angola, which reported the news citing a source from the Super Gesso company, said that the Sumbe Gypsum factory was due to be opened in November.

The facility was built across an area of 15 hectares, with a view to producing products of the “Super Gesso” brand, which will be sold in 30 kilogram and 1.5 tonne bags.

The Super Gesso products will be crude gypsite, used to make cement, agricultural gypsum and calcined gypsum for construction, the latter used to manufacture blocks, false ceiling panels and wall coverings.

The reserve that will be the basis of the first gypsum factory in Angola, has sufficient gypsum to support daily production for 400 years. (macauhub)