Cape Verde: Anti money-laundering law approved

3 November 2008

Praia, Cape Verde, 3 Nov – The Cape Verdean government Friday in Praia approved a law to prevent and reduce money laundering, harmonising the law with international standards for greater international judicial cooperation in investigating this type of crime.

According to the Minister for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Janira Almada, combating Money laundering has become fundamental, as this crime is linked to various other types of crime.

In Cape Verde, the crime of money laundering has been dealt with, since 2002, under the terms of the law that criminalises the conversion, concealment and transfer of illicit goods.

However, the government deemed it necessary to create a specific law to prevent and combat money laundering, also as a way of standardising procedures that would allow for greater cooperation with other countries.

As well as this, the approved law specifies that entities are required to cooperate with the authorities in investigating these crimes, namely notaries, lawyers, solicitors, auditors and accountants. (macauhub)