Angola: Sefa soda drinks factory sets up new filling line

3 November 2008

Huambo, Angola, 3 Nov – The Sefa soda drinks factory plans, in January 2009, to set up a new filling line with the capacity to produces 10,000 crates of soda per day, according to the company’s marketing and Sales director, Nlwemba Casumiro Tati.

Speaking to Angolan news agency, Angpop, Tati said that part of the equipment for setting up the new line had been in the province since the beginning of the month and remaining components were due to arrive in the first two weeks of November.

Tati noted that the period for setting up the new line would not exceed five months, and by the beginning of June, 2009, the factory was due to start producing enough soda to supply the market.

Current production capacity (4,000 crates per day), according to Tati, does not meet market demand because of the obsolete state of the factory’s only production line, and thus there was a need to increase installed capacity.

Sefa, according to Tati, produces Coca-Cola and Fanta branded soda in 300 mililitre vessels and crates of 24 bottles.

Current production stands at just 60 percent of the factory’s installed capacity.

the factory, which is located in the Chiva neighbourhood, in Huambo province, has 125 workers across the areas of production, storage, distribution and sales. (macauhub)