Angola: All Angolan airlines banned from flying to Europe

7 November 2008

Brussels, Belgium, 7 Nov – The European Union (EU) is to extend its ban on flying in Europe to all of Angola’s airlines, which had so far covered only TAAG, a community official said Thursday in Brussels.

The EU’s Air Safety Commission, which met between Monday and Wednesday in the Belgian capital, agreed to a proposal from the European Commission to add to the “black list” all Angolan companies that were not yet part of it.

The European commissioner responsible for Transport, António Tanji Thursday notified the European parliament of the position taken by the European specialists and the parliament is due to give its opinion on the matter before the ban comes into effect “in the next few weeks.”

The same source also told Portuguese news agency Lusa that the EU had concluded that the safety problems found at Taag had not yet been corrected and that they were common to all air transport companies in Angola.

According to a source from Eurocontrol, the European organisation responsible for air safety across the 27 member countries, Angola’s SonAir is the airline that carries out most flights into Europe.

These are “non-scheduled” flights, mainly related to the transport of public figure to Europe.

The list of Angola airlines, most of which only provide local or regional flights in Africa, are Aeronáutica, Aero Tropical, Air 26, Air Gemini, Alada, Angola Air Charter, Diexim Expresso, Planar, SAL and Transafrik International.

On 4 July 2007, Brussels announced that Taag has been added to its blacklist of airlines banned from flying in Europe, for reasons of lack of safety, after the Air Safety Committee, a week before, had unanimously approved that decision. (macauhub)