Mozambique: Ponta do Ouro marine reserve to be granted World Heritage status

7 November 2008

Maputo, Moçambique, 7 Nov – The Ponta do Ouro marine reserve in Mozambique is epxected to be granted World Heritage status by UNESCO in December, according to a report in Mozambiqcan newspaper Notícias.

The newspaper added that the Mozambican government has already formally presented its proposal to UNESCO, in a project supported by Swaziland and South Africa, partners in the Libombos Space Development Initiative (IDEL).

Na it added that last week the pre-project for the decree that will set up the partial marine reserve in that region of Maputo province was approved, as one of the requirements for the area to be granted World Heritage status is that it is protected within a national framework.

The process of drawing up the proposal to establish a protected marine and coastal area in Maputo province has been underway for around two years. This area is intended to preserve biodiversity and protect marine and coastal resources in the northern region of Ponta do Ouro.

The Ponta do Ouro Marine Reserve covers and area of 10 nautical miles of coastline (approximately 18.5 kilometres), covering the areas of Ponta do Ouro, Malongane, Madejanine, Mamoli and Techobanine.

It also includes Dobela, Milibangalala e Chemucane, as well as Ilha dos Portugueses, and island about 1 nautical mile from the Bembe estuary. (macauhub)