Mozambique: Mozambican wheat harvest exceeds projections

18 November 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 18 Nov – Wheat production in Mozambique is due to see encouraging results of over 3,000 tonnes, according to field studies carried out in the provinces of Manica and Tete, Mozambican newspaper Notícias reported.

This level of production is more than initial projections from the Ministry of Agriculture which, for this purpose, invested in seed and training of producers in order that they could make best use of existing potential, as well as the opportunity of current high international market prices.

Wheat production was re-launched in the cool season, in order to harvest at least 3,000 tonnes, and this is the first season with heavy involvement by the government, which bought 150 tonnes of Nduna variety seed for this purpose, which was introduced into Manica and Tete province after a long period of no significant wheat production in the country.

The government’s efforts are directed at reducing the excessive dependence on grain imports, which total 316,000 tonnes of rice and 469,000 tonnes of wheat.

Mozambique’s rice and wheat needs are estimated at 539,000 and 472,000 tonnes, respectively.

Alongside the sale of the wheat, the government is also focused on buying seed for next season, and is currently negotiating the acquisition of 1,160 tonnes to be provided to producers. (macauhub)