Angola: Angolan prepares to produce biofuels

20 November 2008

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 20 Nov – Angola is preparing to produce bio-ethanol based on sugar cane crops, Angolan member of parliament Emília Carlota Celestino Dias told Angolan news agency Angop in Sao Paulo Wednesday.

Dias, who was speaking on the sidelines of the International Biofuels Conference held in São Paulo, said that the national multi-sector commission was setting up conditions for sugar cane and bio-ethanol production to begin in Angola.

The national commission includes the ministries of Oil (ccordinator), Industry, Planning, Finance and Science and Technology, the Secretary of State for Energy and Water and Sonangol.

The process of growing sugar cane will have the main aim of ensuring the economic integration of rural families through production of raw materials capable of meeting some of the country’s energy needs, using bio-ethanol and, simultaneously preserving the environment.

Amongst the benefits of biofuel production is the possibility of providing the population with thousands of direct jobs, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, a rise in the amount of available arable land, as well as sugar cane being a source of renewable energy, unlike fossil fuels.

The conference, which began Monday, is due to continue Thursday with debates on “Biofuels and Innovation,” “Research and Development,” and “Opportunities for Science and Technology.”

At Tuesday’s session, specialists spoke about “Biofuels and Climate Change, Gas Emissions and the Greenhouse Effect, Change of Land Use and the Lifecycle of Each Type of Fuel.” (macauhub)