Angola: Zambia builds link to Benguela railroad

26 November 2008

Luanda, Angola, 26 Nov – Zambia is building a railway line that will be directly linked to the Benguela, according to a report from television channel Televisão Popular de Angola (TPA) citing that Angolan ambassador to Zambia, Pedro Neto.

The TV channel said that the project now begun by Zambia aimed to make it easier to distribute goods between the two countries and other part of the region.

Neto said that the corridor had a regional objective, as other countries could benefit from the railways.

“In this sense we can say that reconstruction of the railway is expected by the land-locked countries, namely Zambia,” the Angolan ambassador told TPA.

Zambia thus plans to put an end to its dependence on the Democratic Republic of Congo at a time when a direct rail link is being built between Soluezi, Cazombo and Luena in order to make transport of goods easier. (macauhub)