Mozambique: Procana plants 30 hectares of sugar cane in Massingir

1 December 2008

Maputo, Mozambique, 1 Dec – As part of an ethanol project carried out by Procana, 30 of a projected total 30,000 hectares of sugar cane have already been planted up, with the entire project costing an estimated US$510 million, Mozambican newspaper Notícias reported.

The paper added that planting 30 hectares of cane was part of the first of five phases of development of the programme, which includes setting up an irrigation system, clearing of land for cane nurseries, seed planting and preparation of areas for construction of infrastructures.

Izak Holtzhausen, director of Procana, of British company Central African Mining and Exploration Company (CAMEC), Friday told journalists that the expectation was that over the next six months 300 hectares of cane would be planted up and within 18 months that would increase to 3,000 hectares.

Holtzhausen, who did not mention the investment made so far, noted that progress in the field was satisfactory and had met the project’s targets, of producing the first litre of ethanol within four years.

The project is being implemented in the district of Massingir, and is expected to occupy an area of 25,500 hectares of planted cane, and the remaining four and a half hectares will be occupied by infrastructures.

As part of this project, 2,500 of the total will be planted up with soy, opening up other business opportunities for the oil producing companies. (macauhub)