Angola: Cambambe to have mineral water bottling factory

5 December 2008

Dondo, Angola, 5 Dec – The industrial hub in the municipality of Cambambe, in the Angolan province of Kwanza Norte, is due to have another factory unit, which will bottle mineral water, Angolan news agency Angop reported Thursday.

The project’s director, Manuel Calala, said that the factory, which covers an area of 9 hectares, has an installed capacity to produce 1,000 bottles of water per hour in packages of 1.5, 0.5 and 0.33 litres.

The facility, which belongs to Angolan group EPBY – Soluções, cost US$6.5 billion to build, with 31 percent financed by Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA), 26 percent by Banco Internacional de Negócios (BNI) and the remaining 43 percent by the group’s own funds.

The factory, located 7 kilometres from the city of Dondo, was built in 14 months, by Chinese and Angolan staff.

The EPBY – Soluções group has been in the market since 2005, and works in the general retail and services sector providing consulting and project management services.

Several industrial units are set up in Cambambe municipality, such as the EKA beer factory, the Vinelo wine factory and textiles factory Satec, at which work is currently halted.

The municipality is also home to the Cambabe hydroelectric facility, which provides electricity to the provinces of Luanda, Kwanza Norte and Kwanza Sul. (macauhub)